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Bisexualdating: New South Wales Australia,  Are you bisexual? Are you looking to find someone special? Someone to make you feel loved and safe in the world? Someone who affirms and reassures you on a daily basis? Well you need to look no further because your perfect match is waiting for you on This is a website dedicated to helping singles meet up from any part of the world and helps them connect through the platform. Whatever preference you desire can be found here; any race, any nationality or ethnicit, your choice.

Why use

This website is currently the largest in terms of registered users and the best in ratings and reviews mostly from satisfied users. This means that when you register with the site you have a high likelihood of matching with someone you’re compatible with due to the vast number of singles in the network. This website is part of, the world renowned dating website but this one is specifically dedicated to the bisexual community.


How bisexual dating is different

Bisexual dating is different from normal dating obviously because it involves both men and women. People often misconstrue that bisexual people are spoilt for choice and can freely choose between men and women but the reality is things are not that simple. A bisexual woman could be sexually attracted to men but emotionally and physically connect more with women. On the other hand a bisexual man maybe sexually attracted to other men but seek women for emotional comfort. This state of affairs can create complications since in straight dating a single person is expected to provide all three needs, that is, emotional, physical and sexual intimacy.


Bi-curiosity is a situation where a heterosexual person shows curiosity or has curious thoughts involving sexual intimacy with a person of the same gender. Having these feelings is normal and most people have them but only the courageous act on their feelings. If you have experienced this don’t be shy, feel free to explore your sexuality. Join and meet other like minded curious people. The good thing about experimenting is that in the end, learning takes place. If you like what you experience you continue, if you don’t, at least you now know for sure what your true orientation is.

New South Wales bisexual dating scene

Bisexual or gay dating is no longer taboo in most western countries including Australia although some conservatives especially Christians are still in opposition of the idea. Gay couples date openly and have specific social places where they frequent. Marriages became legalized in 1994 when the Federal government passed the human rights act and married gay couples are the norm in this current age. In New South Wales, there are many bars, restaurants, and other social places that gay and bisexual couples can go for dates.


Bisexual dating in New South Wales and other Australian states and territories has been made easy with Singles can meet up and mingle and form relationships and plan futures together. You can join for free and start your exploration journey.

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