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Canberra is an exciting city that offers lots of
opportunities for a great lifestyle. Canberra dating is no different. With the
number of bisexuals steadily increasing, the city provides a suitable
environment for bisexual dating.

Canberra is filled with fun and exciting bi-singles. Whether you’re looking for an outgoing or calm partner, this city will offer you the best of people to fill your dating life with joy and happiness.

Where to Find Canberra’s Most Eligible Bi-singles

You’ve probably gone through the internet searching for �bisexual singles Canberra’; the end result did not help much. You will be glad to know that your search ends today with Bicupid. The platform comes with a fresh take on bisexual dating: get ready for a fantastic experience.

One of the best ways to meet bisexual singles is through Bicupid. This is an online dating site specifically designed for the bi-community in Canberra and Australia. It also caters for lesbians, gays and the bi-curious. With more than a thousand singles joining the site every day, you are assured of finding a bi-partner whether it’s for dating, love, relationship or friendship.

It is nice to be able to connect with potential dates without having to switch back and forth between woman and man. This can be exhausting. With a bisexual dating platform like Bicupid, you no longer have to experience this.

True Bi-Dating in Canberra Australia

A lot of times when you identify yourself as bi in a dating profile, you get wild responses that can throw you off. A lot of people associate bisexuals with crazy sex. But it is more than that. It is about forming and nurturing relationships.

The bisexual dating Australia site eliminates quack characters and brings together a bi-group that intentionally wants to build healthy relationships. You no longer have to endure outrageous messages based on your sexuality.

How Does the Site Work?

This web based platform that allows bi-singles from all over Australia to come together and form a bi-community. The platform further uses an algorithm that allows locals within an area to interact and even meet if they want to. All you have to do is specify your local region, and in this case you’ll fill in Canberra.

This bisexual dating site is easy to use. All you need to do is sign up, create a profile, answer a few questions and you’re good to go. The questions have been designed to help you find a perfect match. Through your profile, you’ll be matched bi-singles from Canberra. They can either write to you, or you can write them to find out if you actually click. Dating has never been easier, thanks to

Tips for Connecting with Bi-singles in Canberra

When using the bisexual dating Australia site, don’t forget to mention that your local region is Canberra. It is also important to adjust your matches setting to allow easy  meet.

This is a no brainer; if you’re serious about connecting with other bi-singles, it is important that you upload a photo. Everyone wants to have an idea of whom they are connecting with.

For those who want increase their chances of meeting new people, you can pay for a premium account. This gives you certain advantages over an ordinary account. For example:


  • A message sent from a premium account is likely to get a response compared to an ordinary account.
  • Premium accounts can view unlimited number of profiles
  • Premium accounts can also browse anonymously

Other Tips Include:

Never limit yourself to a specific outcome. For example, you want to meet a bi-single who’s an architect just like you. Doing this eliminates the possibility of meeting any other person who would have potentially been a great friend or wonderful partner.

Respect yourself and true values. Being a bi does not translate to devaluation of standards and self-image. Hold fast to what you believe in and don’t do anything that you’re uncomfortable with.


For the Bisexual and bi-curious individuals in Canberra, there’s a place for you and it’s known as Bicupid. You will predominantly feel welcomed. The site is user-friendly and gives one a variety of orientations to choose from. So whether you identify as bi, gay, lesbian or trans-folk, there’s a place you can call home.

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